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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

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"I Believe in You."

Andrew Green

 Photo by  Avel Chuklanov  

Photo by Avel Chuklanov 

“I believe in you.”


Four words that have changed the course of my life.


Since I helped start RUJA back in 2014, there are people who have made it a point to speak these words to me.


“I believe in you.”

“You are loved.”

“We are proud of you.”


I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am without those people and their words.


I’ve had opportunities to take the easy road and walk away from it all. I’ve been offered dream jobs. I’ve been told I should quit. I’ve been disappointed, tired, broke, afraid, and discouraged to the point that I couldn’t believe in myself anymore.


Then I’d walk to the mailbox and find a letter from a friend that said, “We believe in you.” Nothing else. Those four words changed everything and gave me what I needed to keep pressing on.


I’ve had friends send me a box of fig newtons, invite me into their home for a meal, give me a place to stay rent free, send me notes, pray for me, support RUJA financially, and the list goes on. You have made an incredible difference in my life and in Uganda. Thank you.


Together, we’ve brought restoration and hope to kids and their families in Uganda. Without your support, they would still be experiencing child labor, sexual abuse, and hopelessness. Some of them wouldn’t be alive. 


Love really does change everything.


All of this because you believed in me and RUJA’s mission to bring good news and empowerment to Uganda.


In 25 days, I’m marrying my best friend and taking on the incredible responsibility of supporting a family. Simultaneously, RUJA is entering a new chapter in community development requiring more of my time and more finances than we’ve had in the past.  


The harsh reality I’m faced with is this: If RUJA’s monthly donations don’t grow between now and the start of 2019, RUJA won’t be able to afford to keep me focused on the task at hand. I’ll be looking for a new job to pay the bills and the dream in Uganda will be placed on the back burner. 


If you believe in me and RUJA’s mission, I need you now more than ever. 


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