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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.


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Andrew Green

Good poetry is a slow process. It takes patience, quiet, and more patience. I’m learning that empowerment is a lot like good poetry. 

We live in a microwave culture. Too often, we sacrifice quality for speed. This will not do when it comes to empowerment. 

A couple weeks ago Alex, an eleven year old, said this, “Don't just give me the passion fruit. Teach me how to farm the passion fruit, dad!”

We’re doing it right, friends. RUJA is like a garden being worked by a small community in a world of fast food and frozen dinners. Americans and Ugandans are learning together. I truly believe that I have learned more from my Ugandan family than they could ever learn from me. We don’t have all the answers and that’s okay because we are committed to walking this road together. We are committed to doing empowerment the right way. We are committed to relationship and to each other.

We’ve been on this road together for nearly three years now. Thank you for your voice, your time, your prayers, your investment. We are etching a poem onto the universe. We are not a pop song. Our lives are an anthem that will echo throughout eternity, long past our funerals.

There is nobody else I’d rather be singing with than you.