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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

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Keep Going

Andrew Green

As many of you know we set a goal for 2016 to meet our base fundraising needs for the entire year by the end of January. It sounds like a long shot but the number we’re shooting for really isn’t that big. It is a challenge but it is within our reach.

Trying to figure out where this money is going to come from has taken up more of my mental energy than anything else so far in 2016. Honestly, this is true to a fault. I have let it stress me out a bit. Fundraising is not my forte. I hate it, actually.

I say all that to set the stage for the good news. (Cue inspirational music)

Fundraising is not our primary goal. Empowering the RUJA kids is.

Betty reminded me of this when she dominated her P-7 (the near equivalent of 7th grade) exams and qualified for secondary school! This is a pretty remarkable accomplishment.

Last year she failed P-7 exams for the second time. The school she was attending said that if she didn’t pass this year then she would have to bail on academia and opt for vocational school.

Nothing is wrong with vocational school but Betty wanted so badly to pass. Why? Because she dreams of being a lawyer. Did she want it bad enough? Turns out she did. Not only did she pass, she finished second in her class. Second! 

Betty needed this. I needed this. Often it is easy to feel like we’re not moving fast enough or accomplishing anything. We feel like we’re not going anywhere. Sometimes we just need something to make us look up. Its then that we realize the scenery around us has changed and we’ve actually come a pretty long way.

That is how I feel today.

When you feel like you’re not going anywhere make like Betty and keep going! Don’t quit! Look up and see how far you’ve come and press on! The rest of us need you to finish strong.

Betty made it and so will we. I feel re-energized to raise the funds we need so I can spend the majority of 2016 focusing on the things that matter, like helping the RUJA kids live their dreams. If you want to follow our fundraising progress check it out here.