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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

Slow Good

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Slow Good

Andrew Green

Growing a garden is a task deeply rooted in our identity as humans. It is a complex process that requires more than throwing some seeds in the ground and watching them grow. 


Good farmers take care of the soil for future years and generations. They are concerned with more than the immediate harvest because large, quick results may require the sacrifice of long term, sustainable farming.


They grow particular crops in particular seasons on a particular rotation because the process cares for the soil and, in turn, the farmers, their families and the people in the community who eat the food that grows from it.


Empowerment is similar.


RUJA is growing a garden, not building a Burger King.


We’re not interested in anything that can be frozen or microwaved.


We believe that growing slow and making decisions conscious of their long-term consequences will lead to a healthier form of empowerment.


We are committed to asking the hard questions and facing up to the answers. We are not afraid to experiment with new ideas. We are dedicated to the process.


This may mean fewer headlines and statistics that lead to big donors. 


We are okay with that. 


We believe in slow good.