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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

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It is Happening

Andrew Green

In the last month RUJA has hired a local refugee in Boise to sew our products, received a $10,000 donation, and begun planning a January 2015 trip back to Uganda. God continues to grow our reach and give us the resources we need to accomplish new goals.

In the last couple of weeks Florence, a Congolese refugee living in Boise, has begun to sew RUJA bags. The timing was perfect. Florence was a seamstress in the Congo and had just begun looking to find a job sewing here in the U.S. We were connected with Florence through Artisans 4 Hope, a Boise non-profit that trains local refugees to sew. Working with Florence and A4H has been amazing. and another example of our dreams becoming a reality.

In my first blog post I talked about a guy on a bike wrote me a check for $1,000 so I could go to Uganda. That experience turned my world upside-down. That guy on a bike was Joe. He is the CEO of Quest Groups, a firm that connects top tech companies and startups with top talent.

I was in the early process of fundraising and having a hard time finding real opportunities to share my vision for RUJA. I don't like asking people for money but I love telling my story and watching people believe in the dream that is RUJA. Joe was a believer in the vision and part of the story so I sent him an email telling him about the progress that we were seeing.

Within two days I had the pleasure of stopping by Quest Groups and picking up a check for $10,000. I can't tell you big of a deal this was. It wasn't just about the money. A weight was lifted from my shoulders. The pressure of being an incredible fundraiser was gone. I realized that I didn't need donations. What RUJA needs is more people like Joe. Dreamers.

Soon after, the board and I decided a trip back to Uganda would be the best thing to do. It will be chance to reconnect with Robert, our branch director in Uganda, and spend time with the kids, some of whom I haven't even met. Together we will plan for the future and use our energy loving the people of Uganda. I can't wait.

We need your prayers for this trip. We could also use a few dreamers to help us make it happen. We need a laptop for our Uganda branch as well as shoes, legos, and other things that would help out in our home.

Until January, finding people who buy into RUJA's vision is my main objective. If we're going to be sustainable long-term we need people to join our team who believe in what we're doing enough to give financially. If you or your church would be interested in hearing more go to our contact page and shoot me an email or give me a call. I would love to talk with you.

Thanks to everybody who continues to pray and believe in RUJA. You don't know how important it is to me to know that your support is constant.