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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

Going Back

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Going Back

Andrew Green

On January 13th I'm boarding a plane that is headed for Uganda. 

It will have been a full year since my first trip. It's going to be a very different trip this time around.

I'm going alone this time. I'm going to miss six pretty important people who were part of the trip a year ago. Even though they won't be in Uganda with me they all continue to be a part of the journey. Reflecting on the last year makes me incredible thankful for each of them and how God used them to teach me some pretty amazing things.

My goals are much more specific this time around. Robert and I will cast vision for the future and plan specific steps on how we are going to arrive at that destination. I can't wait to work alongside him in person and be a part of building the kingdom in Uganda.

The part that I'm looking forward to the most is simply spending time with Robert, Milly, and the kids. I don't feel like a tourist this time around because I'll be staying with family. That's exactly what these people have become to me. Blood is thicker than water and there is no blood like the blood of Jesus.

If you have a decent laptop that you're not using anymore we could use it for our Uganda office. Our office also needs an iPhone or iPod touch for taking pictures and accessing internet. These tools are so important for communication and engaging the public through our website and social media. These things are at the top of our list of imediate needs.

We could also use some children's and baby clothes. Shoes will never go unused. The kids love LEGOs as well. If you can help us out that would be amazing. 

This is also a great time to consider sponsoring on of our children. Education is so important to giving these kids the oppportunity to make a lasting impact on their communities. By sponsoring a child you're helping them on their way to college degrees and giving them the tools they need to change their world. When you sponsor one of our children you'll be able to communicate with them and you'll receive regular updates on how they're doing. We are personally and deeply involved with these kids on a daily basis and the updates you receive will reflect that.

If you're moved by what we're doing I hope you'll consider partnering with us. If RUJA succeeds it's going to be because people like you believed in our vision enough to become a part of it.

If you have any questions feel free to email me personally at