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Fort Portal, Western Region,

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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

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Andrew Green

Tuesday morning I'll hop on a plane that will eventually make its way to Uganda. It's not just a destination anymore. It's where part of my family lives and, because of that, it is where part of my heart is. I'm ready to be there.

My room is scattered with clothes and everything else that needs to be in a suitcase before Tuesday morning. Everything I need will fit in a backpack and I'll be filling the suitcases up with clothes, shoes, and some other things to help out our friends in Uganda. Thanks to some dreamers I'm taking a laptop for Robert to help out with communication and effectively running the Fort Portal branch. 

We're going to trek to a village build some bathrooms and a water tank for a pigmy village, build a wall around our Fort Portal base, and run a couple soccer camps. I'll be doing some teaching as well at some different training events throughout the month, but mostly I'll be learning. There is a lot to be done on this trip but I'm mostly looking forward to just spending time with a group of people that God has cultivated a love for in my heart over the last year.

I long to feel the heightened awareness of my need for God that I struggle to find here at home. His voice is clearer in the peaceful silence of my heart, not drowned out by the indefinable noise that fills life at home. For all the magic that is Africa, it's not the lions or the red clay that has a hold of my heart. It's the humility and the simplicity that is life. You can't help but be aware of the beauty in the midst of fragility. You can feel it. Life.