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RUJA is a non-profit organization empowering kids in Uganda to become world changers.

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Andrew Green

Hey, world changers.

A lot of good stuff is happening in Uganda. 2016 is going to be legit. 

We have decided that Rose, Alex, and Joanne are going to start homeschooling in February, just in time for the new school year. The reason for this is simple: We can give them a much better education at home by providing better curriculum and the 1 on 1 attention they need to thrive. The private school they are currently attending is above average in terms of quality but still not good enough. We can do better.

Milly will be the primary educator for the kids. She has experience as a teacher and also as a private tutor for western kids living in the country. 

In January, Kayla will be joining team RUJA to assist with homeschooling and caring for the kiddos in Uganda. This is a huge step for Kayla and for RUJA. You can check out her fundraising campaign here and her new personal blog here.

It is crazy watching the kids grow up. I video chatted with Robert, Milly and the kids this morning and I was reminded how crazy all of this is. Two years ago RUJA wasn’t even an idea, yet here we are. 

I can’t emphasize enough that RUJA is the product of your efforts. We built this together. It belongs to us. 

It seems a little unfair to me that you don’t get to see the things that I get to see. The kids getting ready for school, the report cards, the smiles. All of us deserve to experience those moments so we’ve decided to bring them to you through The Village.

I’m talking about high quality videos, just for you, featuring the stories and ways that you are empowering our kids to change the world. This isn’t your grandma’s child sponsorship program. If you’re already in The Village you’ll be able to access these videos as we get a little closer to 2016.

We'll also be taking a couple of trips to Uganda in summer 2016 that are open to members of the Village. I'm really excited about these trips and the people who have already been accepted. It is something special.

We may or may not be preparing to film a documentary that is going to change everything. Oh its going to be so different than anything anybody has done before. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks for dreaming.